The blue color of Aizome(Indigo dye),known as a Japanese color “ JAPAN BLUE”, is a profound color.
In Edo period, “Aizome(Indigo dye)” was used for casual wear and high-class kimono as familiar dyed material by common people.
Jewelry Applause made Indigo dye pearls with our wish to show the beauty of Tokushima traditional product “Awa Indigo” to all over the world.
The Indigo dye pearls of Jewelry Applause, which is serious about natural dyeing and shine, have clean and sharpened charm appeal.
We’d like to present you the drop of the moon cuddling your skin softly.
We would like to show to the world the beauty of Indigo.
With such a wish

We use the leaves of indigo for Indigo dye.
They change the texture with the temperature and humidity – they are like living things.
The indigo dye color is not only one but diverse, it sometimes may stain light or dark.
In Edo Period, many people used indigo dye for clothing, towels, tapestry and so on.
It is said that foreigners who visited Japan were so surprised at a lot of indigo colors that they left the word “JAPAN BLUE”.
The reason why Japanese people used a lot of indigo, it has excellent antibacterial and bactericidal ability, and also has an insect repellent effect, which made the fabric durable.
In Edo period, indigo dye fabric was used for the firefighters and Samurai clothing.

The pearls have individual differences of sizes and shapes and are handmade one by one.
For this reason “Indigo dye pearl” is the only one product of the world.

We made the indigo dye pearl with the collaboration of pearls being loved in the world and the indigo of Tokushima.
We hope the people all over the world will know the texture and color of indigo.

“Indigo dye pearls” can be used not only for ceremonial rings and necklaces, but also for hair decorations, brooches and corsages.
We design “Indigo dye pearls” accessories so that people of all ages can use them with kimono and western clothing.